How Aaron Greenspan’s Charity PlainSite Silences Critics by Cyberstalking

My name is Omar Qazi, and I’m writing this because I need help. For the last two years a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity I tweeted about has been trying to ruin my life –– yes really, a charity –– and I don’t know how to make it stop.

I’ve tried to ignore it as best I can since this charity doxxed me on my 25th birthday, but the attacks, retaliation, false accusations, and threats just keep escalating. Now, PlainSite founder Aaron Jacob Greenspan is suing me and Elon Musk for “securities fraud”, claiming that Elon paid me to make fun of him as part of some massive conspiracy. I know, it sounds ridiculous to me too.

Yup, I can’t believe this is real either.

I’ve never met Aaron Greenspan –– his obsession with me has been entirely over some tweets. It all started with a simple internet comment: PlainSite founder Aaron Jacob Greenspan claimed that he had invented Facebook, and I tweeted doubting whether that was true.

I didn’t think much of the comment but Aaron took it very personally. It really wasn’t: Six weeks earlier, I had started investigating the use of social media by short sellers to push misinformation, and PlainSite caught my eye because they were in the news as a non-profit organization, but also clearly trying to make money short-selling in the stock market and publishing negative research reports. Twitter commenters who replied to my tweets about PlainSite also mentioned that Aaron Greenspan was in court that week dealing with a restraining order.

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