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Watch out for this gold digger named Penny Thomas Sago. She goes after married men/ taken men. Penny breaks up families and doesn’t care who’s lives get destroyed in the process. She’ll throw the love word at you right away but doesn’t even know what the word means. She just wants what ever she can get and will do what ever she can to get it. Penny has a narcotics addiction and is also a heavy drinker. She filed bankruptcy has liens against her and can’t keep a job. Her house is a disaster because of her ADD. Penny also wants the guy she’s trying to get to help fix her house up. She’s good at playing this game. Don’t let her lies and manipulation get a hold of you. Once she gets a hold of the guy she wants she becomes a big control freak and will have you by the balls. She’ll be up your ass and have you by the balls in fear you will wake up and see the real Penny Thomas Sago. Stay as far away as possible…

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