Hannah Victoria — Vancouver, Canada – Report Cheater

This is Hannah, she goes by Hannah Victoria. Dont let her photos fool you, theyre photoshopped. Shes a 5’2 and 150 LB oompa loompa with more wrinkles than a bulldog. She Thinks shes the hottest thing to happen to the City of Vancouver and that she was proud of being passed around by rich old folks so she can get the chance to take a ride on their yachts. She will bareback that c0ck as long as you have a nice car. Shes came here lookin for her golden ticket while being shamed out of Calgary, lookin to leech onto the next guy that’ll desperately give her his soul and everything with it. Well, watch out for the DRDs and the butt sweat! Oh by the way, did i mention that shes a white supremacist who thinks all minorities are obsolete?

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