Graham Thomson is the Ultimate Lying, Selfish Beta Male

I wish I had never met this man in my life – I had to actually get therapy to get over the mind f**k that he caused me. I was naive and actually thought I was dealing with a man who had morals, a heart even.

He is the ultimate beta male, he will lead you on, he will highlight your insecurity, he will care more about his friends than you, he will lie, he will treat you like shit and much more that I probably forgot by now. He is the kind of man who will sleep with you (his gf) then the next morning be scrolling through his tinder to find other chicks. Isn’t he a keeper?!!

He is the kind of man who after months of talking about living together, will let you move in and kick you out after a week because he prefers his own space. Who does that? Graham would because he only cares about himself and because he’s a dou****ag beta male. It’s not like you can blame this behaviour on immaturity, he’s now 37!

He will start out very attentive, be charming, then over time develop a huge case of dismissive avoidant attachment style. So be prepared to have a lot of ambiguity in your relationship. He will lead you on for as long as he can. He will be emotionally distant and check out girls in front of you on purpose. How lovely. He’s a real piece of work and will have 0 remorse.

Oh and his mom is another nightmare. She will be nice and friendly to your face then when an opportunity presents itself, she will tell him to break up with you. And he will do it because he’s confused AF and is a beta male!

Graham is 6 feet 5 inch and loves his steroids, works for the TTC and lives at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto.

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