Eriel Etcheson Crazy B1tch –

Eriel Etcheson Crazy B1tch

Eriel Etcheson Crazy B1tch. Eriel cheated on me when we where together after we broke up she been harassing me since 2007 its now 2021 she drives by my house said she wished my wife would of died when we broke up she stole all my stuff out of my house she ran over a repo man in 2009 but she makes up fake phone numbers and acts like other men and women and texts my wife to see if my wife will cheat on me and she not I can look at my wife’s phone anytime she sleeps with more than on person she got drdss she also got some kind of skin drds from sleeping with another man in her bed she’s been with both men and women she wanted to see her friendd D1ck once she took him to the bathroom to help him go while we were together.

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