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Emily MacPherson Will Do Anything For Some Dope

Emily MacPherson Will Do Anything For Some Dope. It doesn’t matter what kind of drug it is, leave it up to emily to leave her children at home with her husband who has a full time job, to support their family while she’s running around Lloydminster getting high on anything she can get her hands on, she been passed around by every drug dealer. We all know you know her, she constantly leaves her kids with a hard working guy for days on end when they just want their mommy. Unfortunately emily sleeping around and getting her hand on a pipe is much more interesting than raising the kids she has. Her husband pays for her drug habit not knowing what it’s going to be used for. He pays for everything don’t get me started on her horrible driving record because of being high and drunk. Emilys not even the person registered to her vehicle and you see any drug dealer out driving it, I’ve personally made multiple calls to child services but they aren’t worried as emily has a very good lying game going on for herself, that’s how she manages to still have a husband and have sexual intercourse with younger males. But very understandable meth, crack cocaine, heroin, and multiple other drugs do those things to you. Poor him and kids hopefully one day you lose your family the way u rip other people apart squidly b1tch it’s on!!!

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