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Here we go again Chelsea Crowchild Big Crow Onespot, Crowchild!!!!! Chelsea you can never stay off the dirty. Always getting blasted on here because you can never keep your stink legs closed. Cousins are NOT for practice LOL you are one little pathetic twit Mutt But then again look who’s stink hole you came out of lol.

Chelsea Big Crow you are related to Your cousin Dwayne Crowchild. But you always wanted to be a CROWCHILD that’s why you were always stuck between Tonya CROWCHILD’S Legs really trying to be a Crowchild you and Tonya just got busted in your bedroom in Kirbys house..

Remember CROWCHILDS and BIGCROWS are related They are family but this is how low Chelsea goes for her own cousins. Walking around smelling like your cousin yucky!!!

Still rolling around in bed with your cousin Dwayne Crowchild yucky Pepsi 26 drinking bums, NOT SHY A BIGCROW and HER COUSIN Dwayne CROWCHILD just Rolling around in bed at your ex husband’s house a ONESPOT house NOT SHY!!!!

Patrice Meguinis is Dwayne‘s wife she works in income support and pays their utility bills she’s the uneducated welfare worker she’s nothing but a drunken cake face herself. Patrice quit making yourself look pitiful on Facebook making statuses Looking for pity and making yourself look like you’re a perfect woman you’re just a miserable bitch that’s why you got left for a crackhead..

Chelsea Big Crow just walking around smelling like a Patrice Meguinis PUKE!! That big silver back…

Chelsea Crowchild BIG CROW You’re a full blown walking DRD Cold sores all around your lips both top and bottom. Chelsea and Dwayne Crowchild are the type of loser BUMS to walk to the liquor store from Onespot hill for a 26.

Everybody that knows Chelsea knows that she it’s open like 7-Eleven 24 hours a day ready to ride for a bag of treats.

Give Chelsea and Dwayne a visit they live together on Onespot Hill and Chelsea sits and does commands for bags….

Chelsea is on income support WELFARE BUM!
Low blows for you Chelsea just the way you like it..

I’ll be seeing Kirby really soon he looks yummy now..

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