Donald Trump’s brother Robert Trump cause of death is COVID 19 (died of the Coronavirus) – Cheater Bot

President Donald Trump’s brother Robert Trump was hospitalized in the ICU with a ventilator after he tested positive for COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) according to health care staff at the hospital – but the Trump family does not want Americans to know that Donald Trump’s own brother DIED from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) given the President’s mishandling and inaction on handling the pandemic that saw over 200,000 Americans DIE and millions more infected! While Robert Trump was on his death bed, Donald Trump was out playing golf! Haha What a clown! No wonder members of his family always die and he has no sympathy for Americans who get sick or even die… Donald Tump kept sayin’ “COVID was a hoax” and even his much touted Hydroxychloroquine drug could not save Robert Trump from COVID!!! Hahahahaha Robert Trump was a big time client of many prostitutes in the NYC area (which ended his marriage) and even Donald Trump connected Robert Trump to many escort agencies… which explains how Robert Trump contracted COVID especially given his old age!

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