Danny Weisenberg — Sarasota, Florida

This guy is absolutely disgusting – sleeps with anything that has a pu55y and age is just a number to him. He’s the town slore in Siesta Key and is “dating” multiple girls that think they are the only one in his life. He takes them out to all the same places and orders and eats the same thing with all the girls. Rumor has it that he dated his ex for four years and lived with her in Dallas – feel bad for her actually bc I’ve insta stalked her and she’s gorgeous and seems nice but I bet he fuked her over too. He also claims he bought a house but everyone in town knows his parents pay for everything – including his 2008 Range Rover and all his obnoxious brand clothing, shoes, watches, etc. that he posts all over social media. Got to also keep on eye on your health issues bc I know a couple girls that have gotten a nice big fat DRD from this a55. This guy is a real PIG and deserves a good dose of his own medicine.

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