Craig Macdonald Liar Media and Advertising at McKinsey & Company in Los Angeles CA.

Who is Craig Macdonald? He is a Caucasian male, very intelligent, well spoken, well-travelled, likes to wear bow ties, former Managing Director, Data Monetization Lead, Pacific Lead for Communications , Media , Technology @ Accenture and now Partner, Media and Advertising at McKinsey & Company in Los Angeles CA.

Besides all the posts of himself on the internet. Craig Macdonald is an atheist, an arrogant individual, a liar, a cheater, and a psychopath. He is a narcissistic with no moral integrity, he goes on the internet on different dating sites to prey on vulnerable black women with children.

He struggles emotionally, is in therapy and unable to maintain a solid relationship with any woman. He enticed by telling a woman what she wants to hear, he misleads you by making you believe you are the one, that he is an available single father and is looking for a partner to settle down to help him raise his daughter. He tells you that he prefers black women because “ I am oversized and black women are the only ones who can take my big cock.”

He is a pervert, a man with a kinky and twisted up sexual mind who is obsessed with taking a lot of selfies and naked pictures of himself and texts them to women to boost his messed up ego. He takes pictures of himself at times masturbating in a locked airplane restroom while flying on business trips or hotel rooms in front of mirrors and often at his own home.

He portrays himself as the best father to his teenage daughter, he emotionally plays with your mind until you fall for him and he runs.  He fears to be in a meaningful relationship with any woman, no matter how much love or attention you give him. He is a broken man, incapable of loving anyone but himself and no matter how much therapy he gets “he always runs “and  goes to the next victim.


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