Corrupt, Greedy Nate Hill Fletcher NC-Nathaniel Elliott Hill-Asheville NC-Flat Rock NC – Expose Cheaters Online

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nate Hill works for Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC & is a liar, cheater, moral fraud, hypocrite, lowlife who doesn’t care about others or who he hurts(he just wants the Sr pastor’s job) & basically does a church member’s bidding(criminal convicted of embezzlement, arson, tax evasion & indictable assault, indecent dealings in Australia, also a known paraphilic who uses the church to find unsuspecting women to take advantage of & steal from). He doesn’t care if the women are 90 yrs old as long as they give him money. He gave one elderly lady an STD. He’s had syphilis multiple times, has herpes. I lost over 45k in damages due to Nate & CM’s lies, fraud & illegal eviction when I was forced to buy an RV, car & warranties so my family member wouldn’t have to sleep in the woods. After Nate & others got her car illegally repossessed(stolen). The thieves followed her to Kentucky/Ohio & claimed to work for Google. Later said they worked for the church. The RV came from someone they knew, the owner lied about needed repairs costing me several thousand more when it had to go back to the factory for needed work. Both CM & Nate got kickbacks from the deal or so CM said. The RV was also listed on Ebay and a classified website stating it ran perfectly & needed no maintenance/repairs. When I confronted them they all lied. They lied about the property. When CM wanted his live in GF(also a roommate and tenant on the lease) out of his house he moaned and cried to Nate Hill who gladly took up the cause of illegal eviction. First said the church didn’t approve of people living together out of wedlock and one or both had to vacate the residence. When that didn’t work, said CM’s house was owned by several unnamed members of UCF and Nate Hill and said the house was being sold and a buyer had been found & the GF had to vacate immediately as the new owners were ready to move in within a couple of days. Mr. Hill agreed to find the GF another place to live so she wouldn’t become homeless but disavowed his promise ultimately making the her homeless. He told the GF, CM & me he would put the word out to the congregation & find someone with a cheap rental or someone who could allow her to stay until she found another place but he failed to do so & only cared that the gossiping, troublemaking church people stopped talking about it according to him. He had no remorse for his actions going so far as to say he didn’t care if her child was hurt nor if the kid had to sleep on the ground. The most important thing was the church people stopped gossiping & continued to give money. Nate thought it was his God given right to play God & decide that someone no longer had a place to live. This coming from a man who lies & cheats on his wife with another man & lives a double life. And accused of sexual deviance & drug use by CM. He basically had to do CM’s bidding because CM threatened to out his cheating on his wife & extracurricular activities to the church, his wife & everyone else. They’re all liars & frauds who don’t care about others & have the nerve to preach about satan. They are Satan. When I spoke with them they all lied, tried to skirt the subject, blame others. Said it was the gossiping church people’s fault. Nate Hill Fletcher NC-Nathaniel Elliott Hill-Asheville NC-North Carolina & Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC are moral frauds, hypocrites, troublemaker’s, gossip’s, lowlife’s & scumbags. Hands down the worst church and the worst people on the planet. Stay away from. They are only interested in making money off the backs of the poor. Horrible, horrible place & people. They cost me a lot of money. When confronted CM was more than willing to spill the beans on Nate, the RV owner & others at the church who were involved with making CM’s GF homeless, those that gossiped, admitted to falsely giving people’s names that supposedly had property for rent or people willing to help but these people had no idea what was going on & didn’t own rental property, said Nate lied about helping, everything they said were lies & a ploy to get her out so the church people would stop gossiping & Nate would be in a better position to take over as Senior pastor as soon as he could get him ousted from his job. The ring leader of the ladies life share group is responsible for the gossip that lead up to Nate doing what he did. Nate didn’t want to admit he was involved in their telephone gossip ministry & failed to give the admonition he should have. His lies sent the police on a wild goose chase for posts that are/were civil. Couldn’t tell his wife, the Sr pastor, the church congregation, family colleagues the truth so he lied & tried to push the blame on to the gossiping church ladies, CM, the GF’s friends/family & others. Nate Hill, Upward Christian Fellowship, the ladies life share group, CM, former worship leaders, all of them total losers & liars. Nate & everyone involved know exactly what they did. They know they’ve committed great sin & are failing to confess it. They know they’re corrupt, greedy & not leading by biblical standard. They know they’re wrongdoing & God(Lord Jesus) knows it too. Nate Hill Fletcher NC aka Nathaniel Elliot Hill-Asheville NC, Flat Rock NC-Hendersonville NC is a fraud & hypocrite. CM is a lowlife scumbag who steals from women. Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC is full of gossiping troublemakers & lowlife scumbags who do little more than worship satan. And a few others I’ve yet to name. They all know their sins of involvement.

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