Connie Garza — Amarillo, Texas – Cheater Bot

This girl right here Connie Garza knew my husband was married and still decided go ahead and talk him into leaving his family and she gloats about how she got him to leave his wife for her blah blah blah. Anyways a few months later she’s now engaged to a different dude and knocked up while she still sleeps with my ex-husband. Happy our daughter won’t grow up to be a cheap piece of a**  that everyone has had… Oh yeah, did I mention that she’s now 5 months pregnant and there’s a good chance it’s my soon to be ex husbands. Yeah, the divorce isn’t finalized yet. He’s just a guilty as this Home Wrecker but she GLOATED about the fact and now I feel bad for her soon be husband. Hopefully he sees this and knows his fiance is still banging my ex and that baby may not be his. Hope your karma comes back Connie. (;

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