This company rip me of in almost 28,000 USD.I have bought from them a 20 feet container of Diesel Oil (20W 50 Diesel SM) and here is what I got. u00b7 Stealing (sending me 14,000 liter instead of 17,500 that is in the contract u00b7 Cheating :We paid for top quality API Diesel SM Oil that can go for at least 7000 Mile, and what we got ,I really can’t classify it us an oil. It is junk oil, an oil that can’t last more than three weeks or about 400 miles for each oil change. u00b7 The delivery time to loading port was suppose to be 3 to 4 weeks including labels, but it took 5 month instead u00b7 They claimed that they made a mistake and they sent a gus oil instead of a diesel oil, but that it is not true and is not an excuse. I signed and I asked only for Diesel and they write diesel on the label of each bottle. So please don’t be fooled buy this company, they claim that they know oil and even they took me to a tour in a blending facility that is belong to another company that they do business with ,but at the end of the day ,I got nothing. I donu2019t want anyone else go through what I have surfed with this company.

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