Christina Wallis Farts in Meetings, CHRISTINA WALLIS CHRISTINA  J. WALLIS 416-369-7832 Email Dale & Lessmann LLP | Canadian Legal Counsel dale and lessmann llp DALE & LESSMANN LLP OFFICE 181 University Avenue, Suite 2100 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 3M7 Adelaide Place (DBRS Tower) TEL: (416) 863-1010 FAX: (416) 863-1009 Christina J Wallis Crazy Bitch. 72 Simcoe Drive Belleville Ontario K8N 0N1 tel: (613) 921-9529 [WLAW] fax: (613) 902-2024 P.O. Box 20075 411 Bridge Street East Belleville, Ontario K8N 1P0 The Belleville Chamber of Commerce Belleville Chamber of Commerce 5 Moira E, Belleville, ON K8P 2S3  |  (613) 962-4597 Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Christina Wallis Farts in Meetings,

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