Chris Zinda and his wife, Heather Whitman, are a duo of environmentalist extremists who will resort to lying and sabotage to destroy a local community in its efforts at economic revitalization through, of all things, renewable energy solutions. Zinda and his wife were prolific at opposing their own Lakeview County attempts at using timber for renewable energy. Zinda would rather the standing dead timber in Lakeview Oregon be left as fodder for massive wildfires (talk about particulate matter and a carbon footprint) than be responsibly used for renewable biomass fuels. But then again, liberal environmentalists are more self proclaimed mentalists than protectors of the environment. After their attempts at sabotaging the economic recovery of Lakeview, Oregon, Zinda and his wife moved to New Harmony, UT where Whitman serves as the Director of the Color Country branch of the BLM. Under her extremist watch, relations between the BLM and the local community have deteriorated. The BLM mismanagement of the wild horse population in Iron County is one of many examples of Whitman’s incompetence. While Whitman successfully mismanages her post at the BLM and agitates conflict with the local community, Chris Zinda seeks to be no less of an agitator, stooping to shameful tactics such as fabricating lies about complaints to the Iron County School District about a school program that does not fit his radical environmentalist agenda. Fortunately, Zinda was rightly called out as a scheming liar by Watchdog columnist Marjorie Haun who exposed Zinda’s lies to the Iron County School District. See Watchdog dot org under BLM Manager for article. With dishonest people like Zinda and Whitman, there is no integrity, and the ends always seem to justify the means. So mark them well. They are to be watched and exposed for their deceitful methods that ultimately amount to an assault on property rights and due process, and ultimately, should be viewed as acts of economic terrorism that harm local economies.

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