Cheating scumbag- Pretends divorced to cheat on womenSEX relationship- Trust Korean scum

This scum pretends to be single and divorced. He said his wife is infertility and divorced. He cheat on other women love feeling, call them “girlfriend”’. But after he fuck with them, he change his face and estranged them immediately. Then, he find another target and cheating again.

This scum lies he own an apartment, but it was brought by he and his WIFE together on 14 years ago. Then he trade off the apartment to buy another house at 24 Kiwanis Wayne, NJ with his wife and still lives with his wife to share mortgage in fact. This idiot make many stories and lies. He cheat on wife and the other women. Definitely Scumbag!!

This Korean Scumbag is selfish and using women for his benefits !! He is loneliness bitch and always need to fuck with different women for satisfy his loneliness and Penis. He is working at Aden and anais – a Rot management company. Gathering rot people as this scum to target colleagues to mess up relationship around.
You can call his wife by 201-983-2345 to tell her about his husband true face. You may Safe other females from this evils scum Penis trap!
Directly call him for fuck by 201-887-5388. He enjoy to fuck at any times.

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