Cheater – Liar – Married man – Minki Kwak – Jerk – Ashole


This man is liar. Love Sex , Play love and emotions, Selfish and no responsibility. He used women for all benefits purpose, including used his wive. He liar and made many stories for cheat woman to sex with him. He hide his marriage. He is mentally sickness, pretending Pity and always need others pay attention to him.

He married with his wive who elder than him at least 5 years in order to get a US citizenship. He and his wive owned a house in Wayne NJ together currently. He still hide his marriage intentionally for cheat women around.
This man is evils and Selfish. Shameless and Obscene !

He flirts around and dating with women in his workplace, but still fucking with his wive. He is dirty and fucking big Ashole and Liar. Cheater. He is disgusting

Stay away this Liar and Cheater. He is Selfish, Shameless and no responsibility.

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