Chasity Lipp Pace Fletcher NC-Asheville NC-Rapha House

Chasity is a liar, hypocrite, moral fraud and homewrecker and is the one that singlehandedly spread lies, gossiped and caused trouble at the church which led to my cousin becoming homeless. She instigated the lies that led to the rest of the problems. The cvnt thought my cousin nor her family would never find out. But thanks to the music director we found out. He did his share of lying,  no doubt but Chasity was following my cousin’s facebook page from the moment she found out my cousin was living with the music director & she set foot in the church. She uses the ladies church group as her own personal gossip ministry. Chasity’s friends are guilty too but she’s the ring leader. She even pretended to be my cousin’s friend mostly so she could follow her facebook, twitter and instagram accounts. That’s lowdown and worthless. Words can’t really describe what white trash she is. We already knew Chasity was spreading lies but the music director filled in the blanks of stuff we didn’t know. Chasity emailed people on my cousin’s social media accounts to get more information she could gossip about. Not only was she following my cousin’s FB, twitter page, etc. she was following her ex husband’s and some of her friends. I know this because she communicated with some of them and they told us. One person in particular(my cousin’s ex husband’s best friend’s wife, now ex wife) posted scathing remarks about my cousin & the music director on her ex husband’s FB page while drunk and almost immediately COS got an email from Chasity trying to dig up dirt. Eventually, when my cousin and COS patched up their friendship COS told her all about Chasity and showed her Chasity’s emails. Chasity is a liar, cheater, gossiping, troublemaker. The music director saw her out with another man. She doesn’t even bother to hide it. She’s come on to the music director trying to get him to come over when her husband isn’t around. She’s a loser, homewrecker and floozy. Chasity Lipp Pace aka Chasity Dawn Lipp Pace Fletcher NC-Asheville NC is a hypocritical pretender and if her new church Rapha House knew what kind of person she is they’d fire her. Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC finally got rid of her when they finally got sick and fed up with her lies & cheating and realized she isn’t a good role model for children(she was the children’s pastor). She was also fired from the River of Life Church & Family of Faith Fellowship for having an adulterous affair with another woman’s husband & taking advantage of a grieving widower. Of course she’d never tell anyone any of this. She’s responsible for the Jr pastor picking up the ball to make my cousin homeless. She’s an agitator & fake that doesn’t care who she hurts and has never had the misfortune to sleep in the woods but she’s such a fanatic she probably thinks G*d would save her from such a predicament. I don’t wish bad things for her but karma will get her. She also works for Precept Medical Products(that’s where her boyfriend works, doubt her husband knows) and Winning At Life Coaching(that’s a joke). Beware of and avoid Chasity Lipp Pace like the plague she is.

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