Cassie Roote, Toronto – Canada

This one is absolutely manipulative, abusive & uses men..she loves to treat her own baby daddy like shit on a regular basis.. she even attempted to stab him! ..She is a complete sociopath! And she actually believes the lies that spew out of her nasty trap! She constantly pawns her child off regularly, yet claims to be some wonderful mother! Lmfao! Sorry to say but Auntie & Grandma spend more time with her child than she does! ..She seriously needs to quit drinking & being an unmoral b1tch and get her priorities straight!! Her favourite past time is to play the “friend” card constantly, she even messages her exes whom have children with other women only to make them pity her & leads them on until they send her money or just to boost her sad pathetic excuse of self-esteem since she dosent have any self love for herself. She doesn’t care who she hurts, as long as she gets her own succubus way. & when she doesn’t get her way she goes off and messages the guys woman to start drama & wreck their lives/families with no shame since she’s already wrecked her own so easily with her gold digging ways! ..Seriously Beware of this home wrecking Succubus!

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