Carlos Menendez is a CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT. Be aware of these two Racist cubans living in miami. Two Scamming THIEVES. Carlos Menendez & Roxana Caro. This a**hole cheating married guy along with his side chick of 18 years Roxana Caro aka the Hispanic Karen are two COWARD LOW LIFE THIEVES. Together they commit real estate fraud, title fraud, short sale fraud, social security fraud & their newest scam includes blackmailing of married individuals. Together these two bisexual scammers seek out numerous married men & women to have sex with as they secretly record it, Then these two low lives use the phonographic video recordings to blackmail their victims by threatening to expose he or she to the significant other unless they pay. This comes as no shock because these two are completely grimy & will do anything for money. Roxana caro has a long history of fraud & opening her legs for any & everyone.She’s naive & easily controlled by any man she’s in love with & when she falls it’s hard & deep. Don’t feel special when she says you’re the love of her life.she tells EVERY man those same exact words. Carlos Menendez has a long criminal history of burglary, theft, racketeering, fraud etc. He’s a rat that belongs in the sewer. A RAT that has been & still currently a C.I. for the feds & local police. Roxana caro is a psychotic nut job, a cancer & not the sharpest tool in the shed. Both her & Carlos recently tried to steal a house in miami lakes. She has been constantly lying to everyone & was trying everything to steal that house for 200-215k of equity in it, but of course these two idiots roxana & carlos were both too stupid they could not even pull it off correctly. only if they knew. Dumb low life fuks. Roxana Caro is a scheming tramp that will take advantage of your trust. She’s a sleazy conniving opportunistic bitch don’t trust her Period. This bitch will steal money out your wallet while you sleep. Yes she’s that much of a rattle snake. After months of evading the police this ungrateful roach roxana caro was arrested for fraud. The reckoning of karma. Misery loves company so here’s Both their mug shots above with her looking like a hot mess. After committing so many frauds & theft she was finally arrested for something & is now currently out on bond. It”s always the little things that get a person caught when they feel they’re untouchable. she really had her head boosted & thought she was untouchable because of her white Latin skin and her ability to lie and manipulate so well. She thought it was all going to be a walk in the park to lie &  steal people’s things & nothing would happen to her. Roxana caro & carlos menendez truly belong together. They’re both shady fuks, both back stabbing vultures, both have no integrity, both cowards, both two pieces of racist sh*t & his wife so sadly walking around with a pooper scooper dealing with & accepting all their bullsh*t as both roxana & carlos are constantly making her look like a total fool for so many years. Roxana & carlos are two rats that will snitch on each other when that time comes. snake will eventually eat the rat. Carlos will do her dirty & let her take the fall just as he’s done to her before & She would do him or any other man dirty just as she did to her son’s father when she stole from him. It’s her character & who she truly is a malignant, covert narcissist. Don’t fall for that shy, quite B.S. Roxana caro is a serial H*e with a serious filthy h*eish past, a pathological Liar & grimy thief with no real remorse no empathy & will attempt to destroy everything & anyone to get her way. The fact that her son’s father saved Roxana caro & her parents house from foreclosure as the bank was in the process of taking their home & This grimy bitch still had the audacity to later try and steal that man’s house & his money shows you the kind of person she really is. Ungrateful money hungry despicable evil bit*h. Roxana caro & carlos menendez stole from my family as well & its only right to expose them for the low life thieves they are. I only hope this info helps anyone else out there they’ve done dirty.

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