Brian Devon Custin -Indiana – Cheater Bot

So im back again for the last time about this loser. So 9 days before our year anniversary Brian left again this time its for good. Its only been a week and hes already been sleeping with some nasty trashy s*** he meet on Facebook. This dog done nothing but cheat on me use me and lie to me over and over again. Hes not worth a pot to p*** in the sex sucked most the time on top of that he wouldnt get a job and work to help pay pills. Hes always been.more worried about beer pills and chasing stank home wreckers then dealing with the problems hes made for himself. Dont get me wrong i love him and if he tried to come back by god id let him because how ifeel about him. What hes done to me has really took a toll on me and everyday hes gone i get stronger. But after me supporting his broke a** for just about a yr and him leaving for what reason none giving still aint giving me one why i guess its time i move on and realize hes not coming back this time. So his next target female which ever you become you should know hes only going to use you mistreat you and put u under the bus. To top it off hes a lazy drunk pill popping a** jack that dont deserve any food hearted women…

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