Bob Johnson — Williston, North Dakota – Infidelity Forums

This guy owes OVER $48,000 in back child support. He hasn’t seen his son in almost 5yrs. He works for cash as a Carpet/Vinyl installer in an Oil Boom town Williston North Dakota where installers make OVER $200,000 a year. They have less than 1% in the unemployment rate there. He tries to say he is broke and there is hardly any work there. The population there has tripled! He goes to the extreme of hiding his assets by finding a mail order bride. He found one in Russia and brought her here from Moscow and married her and is raising her little boy. He doesn’t even see his OWN son. Can you say DEADBEAT? Some Men just need to grow some b***s! This one is worthless. His parents help him cover up his lies. Shame on the grandparents for raising a low life.

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