Black Lives Matter Supporter Isaiah Jackson – Springfield, Ohio – Internet Cheaters

Isaiah Jackson of Springfield Ohio is the name of this misfit, pig fucker who abused a baby, by crushing the baby’s neck with his knee. This Black Lives Matter following racist is a piece of shit! Isaiah Jackson is a baby killer and an abuser. His mother must be proud for raising such a worthless, violent scumbag. His mother is more than likely an obese, nymphomaniac whore with the neighborhood community pussy, who has had several kids to different baby daddies. Her wrinkly, stinky, old pussy must be filled with crabs and disease.

Isaiah Jackson was indeed raised in a fatherless home with a welfare whore for a mother. Every violent, outlaw negro out there is raised by loudmouth, attention whore single mothers, with no fathers. All these hoodrat single moms care about is dick and attention. They do not know how to raise their children! This is why these kids from these half assed households grow up so ignorant and violent.

This subhuman parasite, Isaiah Jackson needs to be locked away or executed. Everyone with sense prefers the latter, but unfortunately we live in a politically correct society where we no longer lynch these violent bucks. Do not get pregnant by this piece of shit! If he abuses babies, he will attack yours too. His coal burning girlfriend is a whore who allowed her ugly buck boyfriend to abuse her baby. Do not have anything to do with this trash! Do not fuck this loser!

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