Beware of Brandy “the bitch” Murphy » Cheaters News


Yep I got played but I’m here to warn y’all this bitch still out there.
Met brandy on tinder she used another name, Becka and a fake photo so when she showed to meet up I was like whoa wtf, I only knew it was her bc she told me what she’d be wearing so she told me she had a abusive bf and had to stay low key like. We met at whataburger an hooked up in my car right after we ate then exchanged numbers. I’m from east with this plan to attend Blinn with my boy this fall so Becka said she want to hook up again when I got back to town. It’s good RIGHT 3 weeks go by and I get a text from a random number that Becka is prego like seriously freaking out bc I’m like 17 and don’t need no kid so she says she needs money to get rid of the kid so I’m like send me your cashapp and that when I find out Becka is brandy but whatevs so I send $ and think it’s over but hell no this girl tells me her bf found out and now he wants to find me and it’s completely messed things up like I’m supposed to start college and now I have some psycho hunting me down and I kept getting random #s calling me until I had to change my number. I don’t know if she was really prego or playing games and don’t care ya know but all you out there need to know that this one ain’t worth the nut.

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