I dated this s***k , she cheated on her husband then me , she even told me who she was going to do it with then did it and broke up with me. So then she has the b***s to go to my friends and tell them I was harassing her. This girl is just trouble and should be stayed away from by all. She came by my place after she broke up and wanted to get her stuff I was sure she just wanted her footlong vibrator so I got rid of the nasty thing beforehand and trust me guys with her there is always going to be something between you and her and it is going to be her trusty footlong cause that’s really all she needs and wants you are just going to be a third wheel catching her std’s. I was actually relieved when she was gone cause as you can see from her pics she is nasty , do not know what I ever saw in her. Live and learn I guess.

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