I took my car into this dealer with an extended warranty. Check engine light was on. Initially, I had a mechanic hook up the machine that gives you a code of what is wrong. After a little research, I knew about what was wrong. So I take it in. When I got there, I spoke to Gloria who was nice (the “nice” attitude that is fake). She told me I would get a rental car & be on my way as soon as their mechanic checked it out & they received authorization from the warranty company. After 3 hours of sitting in the waiting room I finally tracked her down to ask the status. In a grumpy voice she quickly stated she could not get ahold of my warranty people. Another 30 minutes later. I asked her again. Her response was “oh, you have an oil leak & the warranty does not cover it”. I told her to check me out (diagnostic fee) & I would leave since In did NOT have an oil leak. I would have seen oil all over the garage or in the least some sign of it. Once I finished at the cashier, I was handed my keys. Finished. Done..that’s it. WHAT service dept does not have a porter bring your car to the service area? I had to walk a very long way to the back side of the lot to FIND my car. I got home & called the warranty company, they looked up my warranty account and said NO ONE had called on it (for approval). Guess Gloria just flat out lied about that. As far as the oil leak? The car is at another shop now…nooooooo oil leak. It is being repaired for something else (the original code I gave Gloria). But noooo oil leak. These people are nothing but scam artists. I was at this dealers service dept for 4.5 hours with no car repairs made & a lot of lies given. Consumers BEAWARE. Kay Houston, TexasU.S.A.

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