AUTO ZONE AUTOZONE – Internet Cheaters

On a recent trip to visit some friends in Uvalde, Texas my dad had to replace a light on his car so we took a little trip to the local AutoZone. The employee/clerk up front was very rude and I even approached him to ask him in which section of the store I could find the lights. He just kept on eating the sandwhich he was eating and turned his back on me even though I was close to him. A few minutes later, while we were searching for the specific light on our own, a Caucasian male walks in and asks for a part and the clerk puts his sandwhich down and actually took the time to help the new customer. I am sure that the clerk did not provide adequate service to my father and I based on the color of our skin. We were so infuriated so we just left the store and searched elswehere. Jt75 Douglas, ArizonaU.S.A.

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