AskNecol5.0 SCAMMER | NIK | @asknecol5.0

Beware of this scammer.

Everything she sells is a scam.

She is a pathological liar, gas-lighter, sociopath and sexual predator who preys on weak women. I also found out this disgusting story about her. Yuck.

I caught this woman AskNecol5.0 SCAMMER having sexual relations with my dog and I had no idea that she was convicted of b********y in 2019 Cali and now she’s working as a ESCORT IN Cali but yeah she was sexually assaulting my dog my dog was actually it sounds kind of weird but he was f*****g her so but she was the one obviously initiating it because my dog has no control of that so she was sexually abusing him assaulting him and she’s a known prostitute a known b********y in dog violator and offender and people in AskNecol5.0 SCAMMER area Roseville area need to know about her she’s not nice she had s*x with dogs while she’s pregnant and she talked about her girls all she was making videos s*x with dog videos but yeah I just caught her sexually molesting my dog about 2 weeks ago and I did some research and I found all this information on her.

By digging around online I found out her ex or her current not sure AskNecol5.0 SCAMMER is the one that got her into f*****g dogs and AskNecol5.0 SCAMMER likes to be the fluffer keeps the dog hard in between sessions with AskNecol5.0 SCAMMER while she’s resting to keep the dog’s d**k hard and he also is the AskNecol5.0 SCAMMER as he likes to filch the doggy nut out of AskNecol5.0 SCAMMER slurpydogpussy after they all nut in her so he’s a real weird dude.

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