Angelica Macias Monzon — San Francisco, California – Cheater Bot

Oh, where to begin. With no education aside from high school c0cksuking diploma from James Lick High School, the hoe Angelica Macias Monzon aka Angelica M. Monzon now has a husband aka Dodo Chris that is willing to write children’s books citing her as coauthor. What a fuking joke. Evidence of her escapades is widely ongoing and available. Her sister is sick with Lupus and even she had to worry about Angelica getting with her ex husband David back in the day. He wasn’t paying attention to Angelica’s h0e a55so she would try her best to get his attention. Long story short, it’s disgusting that this h0e is posting everywhere that she writes books for kids with her husband. Ha motherfuking Ha. No sloot, you have an insecure gay husband that uses you as a scapegoat for the fact that he’s suked d1ck and fuked men to get modeling gigs. Take a look at his gay campaigns bitch. He was on the cover of GAY magazines like “OUT.” Now you two idiots don’t have jobs and wanna toy around with writing kids books?! This is what’s wrong with this world seriously. SLOOT Angelica and FAG Christian posing as authors. He probably wrote this crap and added her name as Angelica M. Monzon for credits so she doesn’t feel like unsuccessful sloot at 36 years of age. Check out the books. lol. But also look at this b1tch’s resume. VEGAS bottlerat her whole career after high school. Her man lost his job and license trying to sell houses. They’re two shady idiots trying to fake it till they make it. Acting like they’re in some luxurious lifestyle in California. No, just in her molly the maid’s shack. Littlewood lane is their home for life. The little chump change they got by selling his house won’t last long. Not surprising.

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