AMY DELSANDER is an internet BULLY and troll!!

AMY DELSANTER….. everyone has the same question about you…..
how in the hell can you make fun of somebody’s looks when you…..YOU stalks and harassed women YOU thinks that are prettier than YOU and then burgarlize their home or vandalize their car…YOU ARE the SPAWN OF SATAN!
1… ARE A FAT FK PIG with a face that looks EXACTLY like a pig and you weigh over 250.
2. You are so fk UGLY and Gross With huge nostrils you could stick a Silverdollar in each your teeth are!!!
3. You teeth are so nasty and rotten( snaggle tooth!
4.YOU have black frizzy nappy ass hair under those extensions it’s disgusting.
4 You have a fat double chin.
5. Cellulite all over your fat thighs and legs.
6. You have a big fat wide gross butt And not an fine ass and ass Monday either.. WIDE LOAD!
7. Your belly is HUGE you look like you’re nine months pregnant !
8. You dress like you bought your clothes from us thrift store.
9. You have the ugliest/man hands.
10.You look like Man trying to look like a woman basically a tranny …
11. You’re dumb as a box of rocks.
12. You have no friends or family and you’re hated by everyone.
13. you’re a pathological liar
14. You’re a kleptomaniac.
15. You’re all around disgusting human being and even more disgusting to look at.

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