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I have being married for 15 years and have a beautiful daughter. On April 2022, I found out that my husband was having an affair with the new neighbor who just moved on December 2020. She came to my house and introduced her self in April 2021 and since then she started a secret relationship with my husband who is 56 years old and she is 30 years younger than him
She doesn’t work and has a three year old kid and lives with her brothers. She moved from Texas and she was texting my husband and telling him that she was going to suck his dick. She even came over to my house and brought me flowers for my birthday. What kind a good woman with morals does that and dates a 56 year old man. They were texting over 3200 text messages per month for one whole year. Now, my daughter’s relationship with her dad is broken thanks to her. So if you are a married man and 55 years older yu can stpp at 202 W 100 N Jerome ID to get a blowjob from her.

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