Amanda Caspersen Serial Cheater –

Amanda Caspersen Serial Cheater

Amanda Caspersen Serial Cheater. I’m sure this pepsi drinker needs no introduction, but just in case, I’d like you to meet Amanda Caspersen. Before I met her she was sleeping around behind her boyfriends back with numerous men, almost weekly. When her bf had brought this up to her she denied everything calling him crazy and delusional. Truth is, she was cheating on him, and the kicker is that it was with the same guy that was sleeping with her bf’s brother’s gf. Now she claims that she did this to get rid of her then current bf but after being accused of blowing her co worker, her best idea was to go out and blow her co worker and broke up with her then bf. She spent the next two months ‘dating’ 4 different guys throughout the week or every other. She then went back to the old bf swearing that shed never do anything like that again and that she loved him, fast forward a week and she already had some other guy inside of her. Gotta love fb, am I right? When I first met her she was bouncing between 4 guys during our first week together. I was the first one to ask her out but she had other ideas in mind. Once she got her fill of the other guys, she sat down between one of her partners and me, turned and said ” I know I just f*cked this guy but I really like you”. My jaw hit the floor, I looked at my watch and said “look at the time” and proceeded to walk away. Stupid me actually kind of felt bad for her. The way her friends and partners treated her like a piece of trash was sad. I didn’t know at the time but she was exactly the person that should be treated that way. So a week later I figured id give her a chance (just went through a bad mc accident and wasn’t thinking clearly). Two weeks later she was already f*cking someone else, Long story short, one minute she was telling me I was everything to her, less than an hour later she had someone else inside of her. We worked on it and moved on (big mistake). About a year and a half later, we had a child together, our lives changed he was our everything, or so I thought. We had some rough patches like every couple but unlike every couple she was still talking to and seeing other people. Over the past nine years she has been doing her best to make it like I don’t exist on her social media, using that so she could fish for more D. But she went even further this time, sleeping with pretty much anyone who asked. Her friends bf’s and husbands, random fb adds, and even a pof account by the name of steelcityghost. All the while she was clutching on to me like super glue telling me that I was the only one and she loves me, and that I’m insane for thinking otherwise. Working 60-72 hours a week didn’t give me much time to validate those claims but a recent look at her FB proved otherwise and now she is a 35 year old pepsi drinker who hasn’t had a job in almost a decade who is living in her grandmothers basement, So be warned, if she says you’re the only one, she probably means at that current place and time. For her, d*ck is like a bag of lays, betcha she can’t eat just one.

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