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Albert Summers — Aka Bert Albert Loser Alert

 This guy is a total sex addict He had sex with his own 15 year old cousin including a 13 year old girl!! She is just coming out about this I know her personally. He goes to rub and tugs as well as picks up floozies. He cheated on his girlfriend with her ex best friend from high school for ten years He used to bring his kids around his mistress Britni Lang and let their kids play together behind the mothers back. She eventually found out about all this and split. He is with a 22 year old idiot right now and he is a 42 year old man He is twenty years older than her! If that doesn’t scream pedophile I don’t know what does! He is such a loser he doesn’t pay his child support for his two older kids and his 18 year old son wants nothing g to do with him but can ya blame him? This guys daughter is 13! We have to get his face out there and protect the children!

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