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Morning everyone! I had a good damn night with my lover Alan Mcgraw my lover ! I had *farts* oh crap *farts* hey what did i eat? *farts* oh that’s right I had Alan’s gas last night *farts* oh no… *farts* I think I am going to shit my pants *farts* Alan hunnie can you change my diaper? *farts* oh my … *farts* damn i am passing gas from left to right but I love it everyone eat my farts *farts* My brother Blaine was on Canada Creepers because he’s has no girlfriend so he loves younger woman so i hook him up with one so he can be arrested and sent to jail. Ok I will take my underwear off because it smells like Alan’s scent damn right Alan’s love scent. I have his boxers and I smell them because I love his white cum on my face oh yeah that’s the way i love it ! I am a BIG LIAR ! Every word I say it’s a lie because I want to deny EVERYTHING so much I lied about calling the cops about Alan because he knows I wasn’t going to call the police on him because he loves my farts ! The thing is I AM in a relationship with Alan Mcgraw my husband !

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