65 BROADWAY DENTAL – Internet Cheaters

Fraud Summary:
65 Broadway Dental routinely over bills patients at time of service and completes procedures leading to high out of pocket costs without consulting with patient or in treatment plan. On 9/6/2019, I discussed a treatment plan that did not include $750 in not-covered standard x-rays. There was not discussion with any person at 65 Broadway dental for patient to approve of $750 in out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, treatment plan and costs were not approved. Cigna acknowledged these x-rays (D0350) are not covered by my insurance, and may not be necessary for initial consultation or diagnosis of filling. Dental office routinely restricts others to speak with Office Manager Kevin Ramirez, and no contact with billing is allowed. On 7/17/2020, discussed with office that finance office priority is finding clients who still owes them money and not discussing any refunds. On 11/24/2020, Kevin ([email protected]) reiterated that there is no documentation to support patient agreeing to $750 costs, but assured all out-of-pocket costs were agreed to. I did not agree – no documentation, no agreement, should not be charged $750.

65 Broadway Dental routinely overcharges above the patient charge schedule, $1000+ in other charges in a few months, no responsibility taken.

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