1800 TOW TRUCK – Internet Cheaters

The small tow truck company I work for was contacted by 1800 Tow Truck to become a vendor We accepted and the way this company works is people dial 1800 Tow Truck and they answer and find where the people are broken down at and find a service provider in that area. But they charge the tow facilities a monthly fee to get these calls when you sign up as a towing vendor they garuntee a certain amount of calls in order for everyone to make a buck. They also charge the customer a much larger price than we charge 1800 Tow Truck. example we charge 1800TT $55 to go out and change a tire, 1800TT charged this man $80 (all they do is make a phone call)They require customers to pay them with a credit card at time of break down. My company had set up to do a trial basis for 3 months at $200 per month in my math that comes to $600. In their math it came to $1000. My boss had me write a letter to this company and send via certified mail I did so and never got a response. I have since sent several more letters all with the same out come. During this “Trial Period” we did towing which was most of the time paid by credit card at time of tow. We had two tows that we were issued PO #’s for 1 being in April the second being in May. This would have been fine had they ever paid for the tows. Every time I call which is at least twice a month I am told that the checks have been cut and will be mailed out in the next few days.I just called again today and the girl i spoke to is suppose to be the manager for the accounting department but is unable to tell me when I can expect payment. Richelle Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.

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